In-house Pastry & Bakery

All of our bakery items are freshly baked in house every morning,
ready to delight you and your beloved ones.

Fresh Variety

A wide range of delicious Napoleons, Eclairs, Danish & Fruit Cakes with a special touch from our bakers available at our Pastry.

Persian Pastry

From Zoolbia & Bamieh to Baklava and all in between. Baked everyday and stacked up on our shelves.

Custom Made Cakes

Let us help you make any special occasion complete! You can call our bakery to order a custom pastry or cake.

Freshly baked, deliciously made.

Our Pastry selection will change the way you think about classic pastry.

Order your customized cake today

You can call us at 604.472.8888 (ext. 304)